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Nyassa Rhodesian Ridgebacks

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31.12.2006 Due to constant "spamming" we have had to abandon our old guestbook. A new one has been launched today, please click on the link above to access it.
05.12.2006 Pictures of the "D" Litter at 8 weeks added.  I am still seeking a special home for boy number 3. Due to his smaller stature he has been nicknamed Tim, although his bounce and zest for life conjure images of Zebedee; as can be seen here!! 
11.11.2006 Pictures of the "D" Litter at 5 weeks added. All ten puppies are doing well although I have detected a dermoid sinus on one of the boys. Having gone through so much with all of them, I cannot contemplate any other course of action than to have the sinus surgically removed. At least it will give him a chance of having a normal life. Just another hurdle to clear I guess, hopefully we will all complete the course!!! 
24.10.2006 We have had quite a harrowing three weeks. 

While initially all seemed to be going well, on days five and six the puppies began to cause concern as they didn't seem to be thriving as I would have liked. All eleven puppies together with their mum were taken to the vet to be checked out. It turned out that they were all dehydrated to varying degrees, some critically, and Kim's milk had for some reason dried up. Apparently this can sometimes happen after a caesarian and therefore the puppies only chance of survival  lie in hand rearing. This meant feeding and the administration of electrolytes (to aid re-hydration) every two hours around the clock. Antibiotics were also prescribed, but overall little hope was held out for some of the weaker puppies. Things went from bad to worse when shortly after returning from the vet, heartbreakingly one of the little girls, who I had named Didi, died. I have to admit that at this stage I really expected the worse for all of them, so tiny and defenseless did they seem.

I think I survived that first twenty four hours on pure adrenaline. However, over the next few days, with the aid of a few friends, a routine developed which at least allowed an odd hours sleep! Three days latter all  of the puppies were still with us and every passing feed offered me more encouragement and instilled more determination. Gradually they got stronger and inexplicably Kim started to produce milk, but only from five teats!! As they began to take more milk and mum was at least topping them up a little, I managed to get more rest.

So here we are, three and a half weeks since their birth and although not completely out of the woods all are eating solids, normally noisy and seem to be doing well. I am of course totally shattered but feel blessed that ten of the eleven still survive. This I attribute in no small part to all of the help and encouragement that I received from my friends, to whom I offer my wholehearted gratitude and thanks. Despite the tiredness, heartache and stress if necessary I would do it all again; the reward is at this moment sitting in the whelping box looking at me!!

05.10.2006 The Nyassa "D" Litter was born on 1st October 2006, nine boys and two girls. Kim began whelping quite normally with the first arriving at 7.20am. Four puppies were born at home but by early afternoon it became apparent that assistance was needed to deliver the rest. Two more were born at the vets with the add of an oxytocin injection but the last five had to be delivered by caesarian; happily all survived. My thanks to my good friend Sue who held our hand/paw through the whole process! 


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